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Model RAD 2500F/8
JAD-ID JAD-21021
Manufacturer Lintec
Vintage 08/2012
Inspection Available Yes
Description Lintec RAD2500F/8 Automatic Wafer Mounter
Condition Good Working Condition/Off-Line
Configuration Wafer loading / unloading, Fro 4", 6" and 8" wafer (thickness 150 um or more), Ring frame load / attachment, Capable frame size (DISCO MODT2-8-1 and MODTF2-6-1), Capable frame cassette (DISCO MODT2-8-1 and MODTF2-6-1), Wafer table Levelling Jig, Thrubeam type fiber sensor for tape detection, Attachment accuracy X,Y ; within +/- 0.5 mm, Attachment accuracy theta within +/- 0.5 d, CE Mark and EMC conformity, Signal Tower, Manual
Detailed Specifications
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