Joint Asia Development Group, Inc.

Our Professional Services

Are combined with outstanding technical support and are designed to provide our customers with a level of confidence they need to compete in today's semiconductor market.

We can also provide customer specific services designed and tailored to provide an exact match to satisfy your unique demands and operating budgets. It will always be our commitment to provide a seamless comprehensive solution for your organization.

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Pre-Owned Equipment Protection

Are designed to meet our customers immediate needs. JAD Group buys, re-sells and provides agency services for pre-owned semiconductor manufacturing and ATE equipment to global semiconductor producers and the IC assembly & test market.

Service is provided directly; or in cooperation with established third party strategic partners. We take great pride in having a large database of "available" and "soon to be available" equipment list and locations. When coupled with our present in-house inventories, our customers enjoy a quick turnaround on orders and request.

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Fair Market Evaluation Services

Our skilled professionals can provide our clients, both sellers and buyers, with research data to determine the "Fair Market Value" of semiconductor equipment based on the prevailing market demand for pre-owned capital equipment.

JAD Group and its established global network can provide "FMV" assessment services at any level, from individual tools, to entire semiconductor fabrication and/or assembly lines.

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We can provide all levels of decommissioning semiconductor equipment. These services include deinstallation to OEM (original equipment manufacturing) standards, rigging, packing and crating, and shipping.

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Refurbishing and Reconfiguration

JAD Group understands our customer's requirements. It is, and always will be our commitment to provide our customers with outstanding service well beyond the point of sale.

Pre-owned equipment, depending on age, condition and process employed, may require some level of refurbishment and reconfiguration. JAD Group is uniquely positioned to offer these services through OEMs or our strategic third party partnering companies.

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Turn-Key Fabrication Line Redeployment

JAD Group knows our customer's goals. We fully understand the need to expedite and provide true turn-key services. It will always be our personal commitment, from procurement to installation, to meet and exceed our clients expectations.

Joint Asia Development Group, Inc. is uniquely positioned to offer seamless site-to-site equipment redeployment.

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Test System Repair Services

JAD Group Inc. has collectively over 50+ years of engineering experience supporting Advantest and Verigy test systems. We are the authorized legacy service provider for legacy Advantest and Verigy systems in the Americas.