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Model NS7000
JAD-ID JAD-34232
Manufacturer Seiko Epson
Vintage 2005
Inspection Available Yes
Description Seiko Epson NS7000
Condition Excellent
Comments Installation services available at an additional cost, and if JAD Group provides the installation a point of installation warranty will be provided with the installation services. ully refurbished Seiko-Epson NS7000 pick and place handler. Custom change kits available for additional cost. Used QFN 4 x 4 and QFN 5 X 5 Change Kits are available as an option at additional costs, if needed.
Configuration Device Types: QFP, TSOP, CSP, WLCSP, BGA, QFN, PLCC, LGA, PGA Min. 2x2mm - Max. 50x50mm(Lead Pitch: 0.4mm or more)
Detailed Specifications
Picture 1 NS7000-1.jpeg
Picture 2 NS7000-2.jpeg
Picture 3 NS7000-3.jpeg
Picture 4 NS7000-4.jpeg
Picture 5 NS7000-5.jpeg