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JAD-ID Manufacturer Model Description Status Inquire
JAD-34232 Seiko Epson NS7000 Seiko Epson NS7000 For Sale
JAD-36230 Teradyne J750 (2) Teradyne J750 Test Systems For Sale
JAD-37247 Agilent 4073A Agilent 4073A Parameter Test System For Sale
JAD-37258 Karl Suss MA200 Karl Suss MA200 Mask Aligner For Sale
JAD-37259 PVA TePla PS80 Plus PVA TePla PS80 Plus Microwave Plasma Cleaner For Sale
JAD-37275 Agilent 4073B Agilent 4073B Parameter Test System For Sale
JAD-37280 TEL P-12XLm (2) TEL P-12XLm Ambient/Hot Probers For Sale
JAD-37296 Advantest T5503A Advantest T5503A Memory Test System For Sale
JAD-37336 Teradyne J750EX Teradyne J750EX Test System configured with 1024 Channel Test Head For Sale
JAD-37337 Agilent 4073B Agilent 4073B Parametric Test System For Sale
JAD-37338 Agilent 4073A Agilent 4073A Parameter Test System For Sale
JAD-37349 Teradyne iFlex (2) Teradyne iFlex Test System For Sale
JAD-37350 Advantest T5593 Advantest T5593 Memory Tester For Sale
JAD-37370 STI Integra Hexa Tray to Tray 3D and 2D on the fly lead/ball vision inspection Top package visual inspection with orientation checking and correcting Tray to tray or tray to tape output Dual output tapers For Sale
JAD-37376 Advantest T5377 Advantest T5377 Full Dual Headed Test System For Sale
JAD-37380 Advantest U3772 Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz – 43 GHz Working Condition U3372 Spectrum Analyzer. Demo video available. Can offer fully calibrated with certificate for additional cost. Please inquire. For Sale
JAD-37381 Seiko Epson NS6040 Qty (1) Seiko Epson NS 6040 High Speed IC Handlers. Working condition remote inspection available with PO. For Sale
JAD-37414 Electroglas EG6000 EG6000 300mm Production Wafer Prober For Sale
JAD-37423 Teradyne UltraFlex HD Complete UltraFlex HD Test System Shell. No Boards. Power On inspection is not possible as no chiller available. As-Is. For Sale
JAD-37425 Electroglas Electroglas 4090u Tri-Temp Wafer Prober For Sale