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JAD-ID Manufacturer Model Description Status Inquire
JAD-34232 Seiko Epson NS7000 Seiko Epson NS7000 For Sale
JAD-37258 Karl Suss MA200 Karl Suss MA200 Mask Aligner For Sale
JAD-37275 Agilent 4073B Agilent 4073B Parameter Test System For Sale
JAD-37337 Agilent 4073B Agilent 4073B Parametric Test System For Sale
JAD-37338 Agilent 4073A Agilent 4073A Parameter Test System For Sale
JAD-37414 Electroglas EG6000 EG6000 300mm Production Wafer Prober For Sale
JAD-37423 Teradyne UltraFlex HD (2) Complete UltraFlex HD Test System Shell. No Boards. Power On inspection is not possible as no chiller available. As-Is. For Sale
JAD-37470 Teradyne J750EX J750EX LTH 1024PIN TEST HEAD | HSD200x16 | DPSx2 | CUBx1 | Z800 Workstation x1 | Manipulator x1 | 16 LVM For Sale
JAD-37861 Advantest T5593 Fully Operational Working Condition T5593 Memory Tester. Please see the detailed configuration in PDF. For Sale
JAD-37867 Advantest V9300 PS800 LTH Configuration: (24) PS800 Channel Boards | (8) DCDC | (4) ACDC | (4) MSDPS | (1) Manipulator | (1) E2760FA Cooling Unit | XW8400 Computer For Sale
JAD-38225 Chroma Chroma 3110 Handler Lightly Used fully working condition Tri Temp Chroma 3110 Handle. Includes chiller. For Sale
JAD-38233 Advantest V93000 PS800 STH PCI-E | DUT Scale | SMT 6.5.x Software | (24) PS800 CBs | (8) DCDC | (3) ACDC | (4) MSDPS | (1) Manipulator | (1) E2760FA Cooling Unit | XW8200 Computer For Sale
JAD-38235 Advantest Advantest T5383/ UF3000EX Test Cell Fully operational and refurbished to OEM standards. Installation, Software Licenses, and includes (1) year warranty. For Sale
JAD-38285 Shin Etsu 300EX S281 Aquaproof Shin Etsu 300EX S281 Aquaproof FOUP Wafer Shipping Boxes For Sale
JAD-38300 Advantest T5588 & M6242 Test Cell T5588 Memory Test System with M6242 Handler, Working condition with full passing diagnostics. Please see PDF for configuration information. For Sale
JAD-38301 Nextest Magnum 2 PV Fully working Magnum II PV Test System. Configuration details available in PDF. Full SAB Configuration file available upon request. For Sale
JAD-38302 TSK UF3000LX Working Condition UF3000LX. Power On Demo available. Comes with ND4 Docking Kit. For Sale
JAD-38305 Advantest T2000LS T2000 LS with RF Option For Sale
JAD-38334 Nextest Magnum 2 EV Magnum 2 EV with 515004 SAB. See PDF for full configuration details. For Sale
JAD-38335 TEL Precio Like New Tri Temp Precio Probers, never used in production. Temp Range -°25 For Sale