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Model iFlex
JAD-ID JAD-37349
Manufacturer Teradyne
Vintage 2007
Inspection Available Yes
Description (2) Teradyne iFlex Test System
Condition Excellent
Comments Up to (2) systems available for sale Configurations can be adjusted if needed to match your specification
Configuration Teradyne FLEX configured as follows: . 24 slot Test Head . HSD200 x 5 . DC30 x 2 . DC75 x 5 . VHFAC x 1 . Support board x 2 . Manipulator . XW8400
Detailed Specifications Teradyne iFlex (JAD-37349) 040121.pdf
Picture 1 iFlex photo 1.jpg
Picture 2 iFlex photo 2.jpg
Picture 3 iFlex photo 3.jpg
Picture 4 iFlex photo 4.jpg
Picture 5 iFlex photo 5.jpg