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Model Integra Hexa
JAD-ID JAD-37370
Manufacturer STI
Vintage 0000
Inspection Available Yes
Description Tray to Tray 3D and 2D on the fly lead/ball vision inspection Top package visual inspection with orientation checking and correcting Tray to tray or tray to tape output Dual output tapers
Condition Good Working Condition/Off-Line
Configuration Package: BGA 9x11, 12x18, 14x18 Vision Module & Camera: o Top & bottom: 4M Camera with 20um pixels (Win 7) o 2D & 3D Vision: 4M Camera with 20um pixels (Win XP)
Detailed Specifications STI_Integra_Hexa_JAD-37370.pdf
Picture 1 sti_integra-hexa_Photo 1.jpg
Picture 2 sti_integra-hexa_Photo 2.jpg
Picture 3 sti_integra-hexa_Photo 3.jpg
Picture 4 sti_integra-hexa_Photo 4.jpg
Picture 5 sti_integra-hexa_Photo 5.jpg